Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just walked in the door to my house for the first time in three days, because I spent this weekend camped out at The 5th Avenue Theatre (not literally, thankfully.)

A week ago, when I used a can artificial frost spray of to write "MO & WES ROCK!" on our dressing room window, I wouldn't have imagined it would have beckoned such a down pouring of the real white stuff. In downtown Seattle, we've received a good half foot of snow: enough to watch police cars get stuck in front of the theatre, and to watch cross country skiers glide down Union Street on a Saturday afternoon.

That evening, some of our Brides who live in Bothell and Redmond began what has become a four-night stay at downtown hotels. By Saturday evening, most of our cast, crew, and orchestra were avoiding the icy roads by camping out downtown.

This impromptu slumber party, combined with our stage manager's birthday on Saturday, resulted in one of the most surreal experiences in my recent memory: almost thirty members of company creating a party in the wardrobe department, complete with snacks, an ipod stereo, and a dance floor. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Although this weekend has felt like a strange version of theatre camp, we are all ready to get out of downtown and to go back home. This morning, I'm glad to be back at my house, in my bed, with a fresh change of clothes. But this experience has really bonded our company together: sharing the wacky weather and impromptu overnights has helped this experience even more memorable.

-- -M0 Brady (Gideon)

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