Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our first audience loves the show!

Catch Me If You Can had its first performance last night and facebook and twitter were buzzing with such positive responses from audience members.
We had to share a few "tweets" about the show:

"Last night's performances were awesome! My fav song? "Fly, Fly Away" Can't wait to watch the show again!"

"Great show last night! Sure, people are drooling over Aaron but, yowza... Felicia Finley? Kerry Butler? Love 'em!"

"Great 1st show..very entertaining & only gonna get better! Cool set & amazing actors in the leads. Congrats!"

"[Norbert Leo Butz] is delivering the awesome!"

"Seriously so keyed up from seeing Catch Me, I can't sleep. It's 3AM & I can't stop thinking about how hard tonight rocked! "

"Just got home from Catch Me If You Can which, by the way, ROCKS."

"I see a lot of musicals and CMIYC is the best all year! AMAZING set design and costuming. Catch it if you can!"

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