Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anthony Fedorov Scavenger Hunt!

"Go Go Go Joseph!"

American Idol finalist and star of our upcoming production, Anthony Fedorov, is thrilled to be in Seattle, exploring all the things this city has to offer. The 5th Avenue Theatre is combining his curiosity of the city with a fun way to get involved and win!

Here's your chance to meet Anthony and win a VIP prize package which includes two tickets to
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and a night's stay at the hip and artistic Hotel Max!

On Friday, October 2nd, Anthony will be at a secret Seattle landmark to give the first person to find him this prize package!

We'll be posting clues of where he will be through
Twitter, Facebook and here on our Backstage Blog for you to follow along all week.

You can still follow along with us on twitter if you don't have an account. Simply visit our page for up to date notices. Hotel Max will also be tweeting via their twitter site here.

Where will Anthony end up? You'll have to stay with us to find out!

Anthony Fedorov is on twitter, too! Follow him here.

Twitter hashtag for the scavenger hunt is #goseattle

Past/Current Clues:
Clue #1 Tuesday 1:55pm: This is a place of many colors
Clue #2 Tuesday 3:50pm: Many people helped to make this "work of art"

Clue # 3 Wednesday 2:12pm: Clue #3: # of Joseph's brothers - time "Joseph" will be at secret spot = urban legend # connected to secret spot!
Clue # 4 Thursday 11:50am: Anthony will be at the secret spot tomorrow at 4pm. This should help you with clue #3!

Clue #5 Thursday 1:22pm: Laughter can be heard around the corner
Clue #6 Thursday 4:40pm: Stick with us! Less than 24 hours to go!
Clue #7 Friday 10:05am A few ghosts might be attached to this place, since the Market Ghost Tour makes this part of their journey!
Clue #8 Haven't figured out where the secret spot is yet? Chew on it awhile!! :)


Mike Foley said...

I think I know it. Should I give it away?

5th Avenue Theatre said...

don't do it, Mike! :)

Anonymous said...

I found the spot! i was there since 2pm.