Monday, May 24, 2010

Highlights of rehearsal from Lauren Smith, performance intern

written by Lauren Smith (Ensemble, Candide). Being a performance intern, she gets to be a part of our production of Candide while getting college credit.

An internship is often thought of as a thankless job. After spending the last month as a performance intern (and the last five in the Education Department) at The 5th Avenue Theatre, I will strongly disagree. The rehearsal process for Candide has been undeniably demanding. However, it has been full of many delights that make all of the hard work worthwhile. Naturally, I’m thrilled to be singing with some of the most talented actors in the area in my very favorite theater. That is an enormous joy.

Here are a few of the smaller joys that make me love what I do:

David Armstrong is a graceful man. Watching him decide what steps to include in “Easily Assimilated” was surely a highlight.

Hearing Anne Allgood’s accent in the initial reading. Beyond hilarious.

Listening to Laura Griffith sing “Glitter and be Gay” for the first time.(And the second. And the twentieth.

Congratulating our four Cornish interns on their graduation.

The stage managers really take care of us! I was pleased to see stations filled with pencils, pens, highlighters, cough drops and water set up for us throughout the rehearsal space. They really think of everything!

Being treated to a spontaneous performance of “All That Jazz” (complete with choreography) from Stanley and David P. spurred by Stanley’s sultry wall slide.

Joel Fram is not only a fabulous music director; he is King of the Camera. It’s a lot of fun watching him snap photos of goings-on onstage and off.

Mike McGowan frequently describing delicious dishes he cooks at home. Someone get that man a show on the Food Network!

The Female Ensemble’s dressing room is where it’s at. Our resident DJ, Corinna Lapid-Munter, is always willing to spin a “get pumped” tune to get us geared for our 10-out-of-12s.

Tech rehearsals can be rough, but I’m constantly in awe of what the designers and hardworking crew members have come up with. It’s incredible watching the tech elements build on top of each other.

After a long rehearsal, there’s nothing like a long dinner break to unwind, bond with the cast, and take advantage of the nearby happy hour appetizers!

The 5th Avenue’s house is easily one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen, so I was surprised that I fell even more in love with it when all of the lights were out. Standing on the stage, all I could see were the footlights illuminating the aisles. My stomach did back flips.

Many of our actors go shirtless at various points in the show. It’s very endearing watching them huddle for warmth.

Some members of the cast set out to rename Captain Vanderdendur. A couple of the more popular renditions included Captain Chicken Tender and Captain Kindergartener.

The entire Wandelprobe was a pleasure. The orchestra is jaw-dropping phenomenal. I couldn’t tell you how many people teared up when we ran through “Make Our Garden Grow.”

I’m so excited to open this beautiful production and I’m beyond honored to be part of it. Here’s to many more delightful moments in Candide!

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