Monday, January 12, 2009

Seattle Rehearsals for Memphis have begun!

Blog writer: Allen Fitzpatrick (Mr. Simmons):

It's Monday and though we normally have a day off, we are rehearsing today and taking Thursday off. The cast is a little bit tired, having rehearsed seven days in a row now -- but we'll be more tired on Wednesday, which will be day 9. No one's complaining, though -- we all feel fortunate to have this wonderful job when a lot of Broadway shows are closing.

Rehearsals are going just great, and we seem to remember everything that we did in La Jolla, which was a full three months ago. There are some changes from the show that we presented in La Jolla last summer. Everyone thinks the changes are great, including a good number of dialogue changes, and an entire new song for Cass Morgan, who plays Huey Calhoun's mama. It's much better, so think we all, especially Cass.

The Seattle actors that have joined us for this production are all enjoying the process, and are terrific. The entire cast is just amazing -- one of the most uniformly talented groups of people with whom I've worked in 35 years of being in the professional theatre. Chris Ashley (our director) and the creative staff are all bursting with energy and positive feelings about the process. There's such a good feeling in the rehearsal room.

All the actors from out-of-town tell me they are thrilled to be in Seattle. Despite the rain of late, they all just love the Emerald City, and are certainly appreciating its charms. They also love where they're living here; the staff running their hotel is bending over backward to make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Everyone is in good physical shape, and there've been no injuries, though we did without ensemble member Brad Bass for the first few days (he was out with the flu).

We're very excited because this afternoon we are starting a work-through of the entire show, which is always exciting, to put the whole thing together! We’re looking very much to getting on STAGE, by the weekend.

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