Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A new song!

Kenny Seymour goes through some new sheet music from the score, as creators (left side of photo) David Bryan (music and lyrics) and Joe DiPietro (book and lyrics) discuss.

Blog writer Allen Fitzpatrick (Mr. Simmons):

We ran through the entire show on Monday! Amazingly (talk about great timing), we got right up to the Curtain Call at exactly 5:59PM. It was a great day, and very gratifying for everybody.

Yesterday, we came in to work on "stage combat" -- the several slaps, punches and fights that take place in the show. And now some of us are working on another new song. This one will replace what was previously a spoken section of the show: when white Memphis teenagers call in to WRNB and demand that Huey Calhoun continue to play his "race music." (And I just got a solo singing line!)

Star Chad Kimball ("Huey") with creators David Bryan and Joe DiPietro in the background.

Dancers prepare to rehearse with Edgar Godineaux, while the very talented Dionne Figgins ("Myrna") shows off her stuff.

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