Thursday, December 3, 2009

South Pacific on Tour is a hit in Chicago

We wanted to share with you some of the glowing reviews from South Pacific on Tour. These most recent quotes come from the reviews in Chicago!

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“FOUR STARS! A transcendently restorative revival of a magnificent piece of theatrical art.”
By Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune November 25, 2009


“Michael Yeargan's open-vista set and the large orchestra helped underscore the astonishing emotional depth of this show -- an American masterwork unafraid of dealing with the global and the individual, the political and the personal, the real.”
By Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times November 26, 2009,CST-FTR-Pacific26web.article


“FOUR STARS! Describing Sher's acclaimed Broadway revival will likely exhaust my supply of superlatives, but this production deserves every one of them. It is quite simply magnificent, impressive as much for its inherent musicality and deeply felt humanity as for its grand visuals.”
By Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald November 25, 2009

“Sher’s directing genius is clearly evident in the performances of his outstanding cast, but one specific directorial choice must be discussed in order to truly understand the wonder of his South Pacific. After Emile’s supposed death, Nellie becomes a caretaker to his two children, having overcome her prejudices when she realizes they pale in comparison to the love he has shown her. In the final scene, Emile reappears while Nellie shares dinner with his children, and his son and daughter rush to him as if he had just come home from a day on the fields, unaware of the moment’s gravity. Nellie does not rush to him, she does not wrap her arms around him and kiss him passionately. Rather, she is so overcome with emotion that she can think of nothing else to do but set the table for the returned patriarch, and as they all sit in silence, a family for the first time, Emile places his hand on the empty seat between his lover and he. The simple motion of Nellie putting her hand in his is done with such passion and intensity that it speaks louder than any words, and is the most subtle and absolute display of love that I have ever seen on stage.”
By Oliver Sava, Chicago Theater Blog November 25, 2009