Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alternate Show Titles

Our box office staff has delighted the rest of us with a list of "alternate" show titles that anonymous patrons have used when requesting tickets over the past season. We don't judge anyone who gets a title wrong, of course, but some of the confusion on show titles does bring a smile to our face, so we had to share some of our favorites:

Catch Me If You Can has been called "Can't Take It With You," "To Catch a Thief," and "Catch You if You Can." (Perhaps the last one is a solo show?)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has been called "Joseph and his Music Colored Raincoat," "Joseph and the Technical Raincoat," "Joseph's Jacket," "Joseph and his whatever" and ""Joseph and the Amazing Democrat."

South Pacific was once referred to as "Blue Lagoon."

That "elle" of a show, Legally Blonde, might also be known to some as "Illegally Blonde," "The Gal in Pink" or "Legally Blind."

Candide was a tricky one, too. A rarely produced show, the pronunciation was a bit confusing - but we have to give people credit from trying. "Candida," "Candy-Man," and "Canada-eh," were some of the attempts that brought smiles to our face.

We wonder what fun titles will come out of next season's shows! Don't worry, though, we'll still be happy to find you great seats to In The Heights if you call it "Up in the Air" or Vanities if you ask for tickets to "Vain Mirror Musical!"

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