Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodbye Dolly and Hello, George!

Goodbye Dolly and Hello, George!

The final curtain has closed on our production of Hello, Dolly! and we thank all the wonderfully talented folks who came together to bring this heartwarming comedy to life. A special thank you to the audiences who came out to enjoy this classic as well.

Rehearsals have begun for our upcoming production of Sunday in the Park with George! The Seattle All-Star cast is led by Broadway star, Hugh Panero. Seattle favorite Billie Wildrick plays Dot, a character she refers to as "the role of a lifetime." Past Backstage at The 5th blogger, Allen Fitzpatrick also joins the cast.

Today is the first sing-through, where actors and director come together to read and sing-through the play around a table.

Billie's facebook status this morning included a fun rewrite one of the musical verses from the production:

"There are worse things than going to rehearsal on a Monday! There are worse things than going to rehearsal when you're gonna have a read-through and the process is amazing, and you love your Brit director and MD's really awesome and the cast is fabuloso and the role is of a lifetime, and I need to get a coffee on a Monday! On a Monday! In the park with Geoooooooorge!"

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