Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Company members of CABARET form band The Love Markets

The Love Markets
Featuring Angie Louise and Nick Garrison

94 Pike St. (under the Pike Place Market)

For facebook event page, click here.

Doors at 9:30 pm / Show at 10 pm
Ticket Price: $5
Valentine-Mardi Gras Combo Show!

The Love Markets are a Weimar Berlin-inspired band who play “songs of the past and future”, interweaving vintage Weimar cabaret songs with new songs written in the Weimar spirit. The band is fronted by Angie Louise and Nick Garrison, each a longtime presence in Seattle theatre and cabaret; together, the two chanteuses confront and seduce with an array of songs about love, art, politics, and whores. Louise writes songs and plays keys; other musicians are Earshot Jazz award-winner Dave Marriott on trombone, Rob Witmer of “Awesome” on accordion, and perennial 5th Avenue Theatre musicians Dave Pascal (bass) and Chris Monroe (drums).

The Love Markets were hatched in a hot tub in San Jose during The 5th Avenue Theatre’s 2008 touring production of Cabaret. A seed was planted as cast members Garrison and Louise shared whiskey and chocolate with their Kit Kat Klub Band; a month later the Love Markets debuted at Town Hall, and a mutant child was born. Clad in military lingerie, the Love Markets manage to be simultaneously decadent, subversive, stylish and absurd - highbrow enough to tackle Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler, but lowbrow enough to pelt the crowd with Slim Jims amidst a risque duet about wiener schnitzel. The world of Weimar Berlin wouldn’t have batted an eye.


“Angie Louise has a rich voice and powerful pipes, and she handles comedy and near-tragic
downfall with equal dexterity… Nick Garrison knows his German decadence.” - Seattle Times

“Nick Garrison is a pocket-sized Piaf, with outsized charisma and a chameleon’s ability to
become any song he sings… A voice like a Chet Baker trumpet.” – Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

“Louise caresses you one moment, and then wham! socks it to you, showing an emotional
range most performers shy away from. Her incredible instrument takes flight and you are
transported… Nick Garrison is a superstar performer.” - Seattle Gay News

“Garrison’s got subversive presence… He spontaneously combusts when he interacts with the
audience.” – Seattle Weekly / “I now worship at the altar of Angie Louise.” –TheatreSeattle.com

“Nick Garrison is dazzling… Angie Louise is captivating.” – The Stranger

“Angie Louise is terrific, a powerhouse vocalist…Nick Garrison is very funny and very poignant.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“The sublimely comic Nick Garrison… the always amazing Angie Louise.” - TalkinBroadway.com


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