Monday, February 8, 2010

South Pacific reviews are in - the show is a HIT!

The reviews are in - the critics LOVE South Pacific! (Even The Stranger!)

City Arts finally caught up with South Pacific for a review: “Bart Sher's South Pacific is the real thing, a can't-miss masterpiece.“

Some critics like the show so much that they refer to it as “my South Pacific:”

The Everett Herald says this is the one you can’t miss: “If you see any show at The 5th Avenue this year, make it ‘South Pacific.’”

"An Enchanting Evening...graceful, with frisky humor and crowd-pleasing numbers,”-- Seattle Times

"It's got style. It's got substance. It's got Rod Gilfry's big baritone."--Seattle P-I

“Sher found exactly what South Pacific wants to be and gave it wings. For big Broadway shows, it doesn't get much better.”—The Stranger

Seattle Examiner:
“a perfect little Valentine treat. Sun-soaked beach, romantic villa on hill, mist-bound island in the distance, and two love stories (one happy, one sad, take your pick which moves you the most),”—Rosemary Jones, Seattle Examiner

“So much is wonderful about this virtually flawless production that it is hard to know where to begin.”-- Audrey Gervasi, Seattle Examiner

“What Sher has accomplished is a revival that makes us feel like we're hearing this story for the first time, and from people who were there, whose lives were changed by the things that happened…. this was as good a production of this great musical as I'm likely to see for quite some time.”—Jerry Kraft, Seattle Actor

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