Monday, April 19, 2010

5th Avenue's Diana Huey wins GLEE Audition!

One of our wonderful Adventure Musical Theatre performers, Diana Huey (also seen in MAME at The 5th Avenue), was selected as one of ten finalists to be chosen for a “Golden Audition Spot” on the television series, Glee! This morning, they announced that she won the contest. Diana’s audition tape is guaranteed to be seen by the casting directors of Glee with a potential of her being chosen as a new cast member of the show! Congratulations, Diana!

For the video of Diana’s performance on Q13 on Friday, click here.

Here's a little blurb from Diana (written before all the votes were in) about how she heard about the contest and what she went through to enter:

"Hi my name is Diana Huey. I am currently touring in Adventure Musical Theatre here at The 5th Avenue. I love being out on the road with the AMT crew bringing musical theater to kids all over the Northwest! On Sunday I saw a commercial on Q13 Fox for their Glee Casting Call Competition. Future Glee hopefuls were required to write an original song about why they want to be on the Fox hit TV show Glee. The deadline was the next day!

I spent the day writing my song. When time came to record it to and send it in, I grabbed my almost dead digital camera and set up a make shift recording my bath tub. I wanted to find the best sound! I found random house objects to stack up to balance my camera on. After many trail and errors I decided on my makeup box on top of a humidifier and stood on top of a folded up bath towel in the tub to get the correct height set. Crammed up against the bath tub faucet, I recorded my audition video and found of two days later I won a spot on the Top Ten!!

The ultimate winner will get a "Golden Pass" to be guaranteed that their Glee audition will be seen by the Glee producers. Thanks to everyone for helping me make my dreams come true!"

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