Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facebook Fans love The 5th Avenue

A huge thank you to all of you who have fanned our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter!

Recently, we asked our fans what they love about The 5th Avenue. Here are some responses:

"There are so many things that the 5th Avenue brings to the Puget Sound Area. We can talk about the shows, the talent, the oppertunities for young and upcoming artists and performers. But I think the thing I love most about the 5th Avenue is that it is Classic Theatre at it's best. You see it as soon as you walk by on the sidewalk. It isn't full of modern glass and stainless "glitz", it is a Classic Theatre that takes you back to the day when Theatre was an outing - a "Destination". A show was something you dressed up for, maybe had your hair done, even (God forbid!) wore a tie and jacket. Although few of the patrons do this these days the Theatre has that "Air of Memory" about it.
Every time I go by, every time I enter the lobby or the auditorium I catch my breath." - Scott S.

"I love all the great musicals The 5th Avenue brings to Seattle at affordable prices! Some of my favorites in recent years have been The Buddy Holly Story, Edward Scissorhands, and the classics West Side Story and Singin' in the Rain. SO looking forward to seeing one of my favorite musicals, On The Town!! I also really love the design of the interior of the 5th!" - Melissa J.

"I do love The 5th, they have the best shows and such variety. I get very excited near the announcements of each new season." - Heather J.

"I love the wonderful, quality shows at 5th Avenue AND for providing at affordable costs an educational focus with the "Friday at the 5th" program for high school students. Thank you 5th Avenue for an atmosphere that is truly "Worlds Away from the Everyday!" - Carol J.

"My family has had season tickets to the 5th for twenty seasons now and I have so many memories there :) I feel like I know the staff because of the (super awesome) high school workshops! Also, I feel like The 5th has really given Seattle theatre the great name it has now. :) Look at all the shows that have started/are starting here! Go us!" - Maddie S.

"I love the fact that The 5th brings Broadway to Seattle and sends musicals to Broadway! Memphis, to mention one, was fantastic! The theatre is run by amazing caring people. They give us great entertainment, curtious service and great refreshments also! I have not seen one show there that I didn't like. Everyone should enjoy a lot of Broadway and CAN in our own backyard thanks to The 5th Avenue." - Gena A.

"My wife and I have been season members at the 5th for a few years. We've loved the plays and the atmosphere! It's a great night out." Mike P.

"Where else can you go in Seattle to be in on the creation of new musicals? And the special educational opportunities are fantastic!" - Terry J.

We so appreciate our fans supporting our theatre by writing on our Facebook wall, inviting others to become fans of our pages or joining us on twitter. Your involvement with us in social media is a great way to support our local non-profit theatre. Feel free to write us questions, mini-reviews, post photos and more!

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