Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paul Hansen, percussionist/drummer, takes a seat in the theatre

Paul Hansen is one of The 5th Avenue Theatre's staff musicians and has been a percussionist and drummer with us for 25+ years.

We spotted a glowing review of On The Town on his facebook status recently (completely unsolicited!) and asked him to write a review as an audience member. Read on:

On The Town review
By Paul Hansen

As a regular member of The 5th Avenue Orchestra, many of my friends
and colleagues will tell you that my favorite place on earth is in the
stage left corner of the orchestra pit behind a jumbled rig of
instruments commonly called "The Percussion Section". This is my
home. So it is on rare occasion do I get to step out of the pit and
enjoy a 5th Avenue performance as a regular audience member, as I was
able to do earlier this week at On The Town.

After fielding questions from several audience regulars who were
wondering what I was doing out of uniform and who was minding the pit
(for the record, it was my incomporable stand partner Chris Monroe
handling the solo chores), I sat down for the journey.

My first reaction was of course "Yeah! How 'bout that band, best in
the country! Wish I were down there with them." Then the real
astonishment set in and continued to grow throughout the evening. I
knew we were good, but what I saw and heard that night with our home
grown singers, dancers, crew and production staff clearly rivals or
surpasses anything I've seen in New York, London, Paris or Rome.

I left the theater that night speechless, and chomping at the bit for
the parts for Candide to arrive. New cast, new crew, new show - On The Town, you've set us a new high water mark to strive for.

But Billie [Wildrick] and Greg [McCormick Allen], watch it with those clubs, willya? How many times has the crew had to put that thing back together?

Paul in his element


brick2000 said...

It was fun seeing and talking you out of the pit Sunday. But remember that's where your fans really like you!!! Jim

pianofemme said...

It's about time you stepped up and out to enjoy a different perspective on the 5th Avenue experience. Not for long, though: there's some Bernstein in your future and you'll want to be back in your SL corner to do what we all appreciate so much.
Cheers, Darcy