Friday, March 26, 2010

Brian Kerrick, Performance intern with an OTT Blog

Brian Kerrick is a little short on time these days. As he puts it, "From March 18th to May 2nd, we have only six scheduled days off!" Kerrick, a performance intern in On The Town, is getting school credit for performing and is assigned to keep a daily blog.

Today's rehearsal started with 45 minutes of ballet and then leaped in to staging "Lucky to Be Me." Here're an excerpt from today's entry:

"After finishing the dream ballet of "Lucky to Be Me", we spent some time on "Miss Turnstiles." In this scene, Ivy Smith played by the amazing Courtney Iventosch is chosen to be Miss Turnstiles: A special yet ordinary New Yorker. This dance has Courtney and the dancers flying around the stage showing off their many talents - I won’t give anything more away but I do promise you, you are going to be blown away!

We finished the afternoon choreographing another ballet for Lonely Town - this will inevitably be one your favorite parts of the show. Six dancers from Spectrum Dance Theatre perform an awe-inspiring couples piece while Joe (Gabey) sings the beautiful ballad. I had the pleasure of watching this performed three times today, and each time I was simply blown away. Everyone in the cast is so talented and brings endless talent to the show giving Bill Berry (Director) and Bob Richard (Choreographer) so much to work with. It seems there are no limits for this cast - from hilarious goof-ball scenes to beautiful ballets, this show has it all - and I’m so grateful to be apart of it."

We're excited to have Brian Kerrick as our Donut Vendor in Times Square and can't wait to hear more.

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