Friday, March 12, 2010

Is this the Face of Harvard Law? - Seattle part 2 of 3 by Jason Kappus

Week 6 & 7 - SEATTLE! (Part 2 of 3)
or "Is This the Face of Harvard Law?"
By Jason Kappus, Legally Blonde The Musical cast member, Seattle native
It's obviously nice when we spend more than one week in any city because we get a REAL day off, instead of just a day to travel. It just so happens that I'M lucky enough here in Seattle to spend that whole day off at home with my wife and cats - heaven! =) It was particularly nice to come to the day off because we have been spending a LOT of time in rehearsal. That's partly for me, because I have still been learning the two tracks that I cover (Dad and Warner), and also because there have been a number of full cast rehearsals to clean both music and dances. Everybody knows that Seattle is a big theatre town, so the producers came out to see the show here, and the creative team wanted to make sure that the show was in great shape.
As I mentioned in the last blog, I got to go on for a new track in the middle of week one in Seattle. The man who plays Dad/Winthrop/Reporter was in Hawaii on vacation, so Barry and I combined to cover his track for the week. (Every person in the show is covered by at least two people - three for Elle.) It was a little nerve-wracking, as I sort of feel somewhat new to my OWN track, but especially after the first performance (where I was largely concerned about just making sure I wasn't in anyone's way) it was a lot of fun... especially because within the span of four shows as Dad, I ended up having two different daughters and two different wives - never a dull moment!
Speaking of which - here's a tour fun fact. As you can tell, we end up with swings and understudies on pretty regularly, as people have vacations, take personal days, or are sick or injured. So far, I have done 31 shows with this tour, and I have yet to do a show with the full cast. We've always been missing at least one person - keeps it interesting! =)
Also in our second Seatte week, I got to participate in my first understudy rehearsal, where I played both Dad and Warner. The Dad stuff was pretty easy as I'd just done it in the show, and it was great to get to run through the show as Warner, which I have not yet gotten to do yet. Here's hoping I get to go on for Warner this last week before we leave Seattle! If I find out, I'll post it on here right away! More soon!
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