Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sarah Rudinoff on starting rehearsals for On The Town

by Sarah Rudinoff (Hildy, On The Town)
I love the new rehearsal space! This is the first show I have rehearsed right under The 5th and to able to sing and then dance and then get a costume fitting and then walk to Pike Place on a break is a total treat. We are also getting a big gift in having many pieces of the set already built and Matt [Owen] and I get to stage our scenes in the actual enormous cab and not a bench pretending to be a cab. Thank heavens for joint productions! The first few days seem to always be about reminding the voice what it is like to sing this much and not run out of steam. Looking forward to dancing more this week and a photo shoot tomorrow. So happy to be back in the saddle...
Sarah Rudinoff was last seen at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Wonderful Town.
“In case you haven’t already, you should now officially put Sarah Rudinoff at the top of your Reasons to See Live Theater list. She gives a performance so entertaining you know everyone else will get a kick out of it, but so filled with singular pleasures you’ll swear you’re the only one who really knows what makes it work.” - Steve Wiecking, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

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